Off-Duty Brazilian Cop Shoots, Kills 2 Robbers While Holding His Baby Boy In Other Arm

Written by Neha Monga
November 21, 2017  

An off-duty military police officer shot dead two-armed robbers at a pharmacy in Brazil while holding his baby boy under his arm.

The officer, Sergeant Rafael Souza, was with his wife and infant son buying medicines at the pharmacy when two men burst into the store wearing hoods. According to The Independent, as the clerk tended to Souza’s wife, the two men barged in and announced the robbery. Souza told investigators that he fired at them first because he believed they would have attacked him after he revealed himself to be an officer.

The CCTV footage shows Souza shoot the two-armed robbers dead while holding his son in his arms.

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According to the reports, one of the suspects, Jefferson Alves, 24, pointed his weapon at Souza, who then drew his pistol and is seen on camera shooting the attacker at close range.

The video shows the officer briefly disappear from the frame while his wife is seen taking cover in an aisle with her hands over her ears. He then appears back in the frame and quickly hands over his son to the woman.

The officer moves outside the frame again, before reportedly shooting the other assailant, identified as Italo Creato, 22.

According to the local news station Radio Acesa, the action took place on November 18 inside a pharmacy in Sao Paulo’s Campo Limpo Paulista.

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