The New Update of Windows 10 Is Killing the Legendary Paint After 32 Years.

Written by Prince Chandran
July 25, 2017  

Paint has always been a friendly tool for all of us since childhood, if you wanted to scribble something out using your mouse or make a quick cut and paste job, Paint was always there, even on work computers.

Microsoft has finally taken the decision to kill the Paint program after 32 years.It marked Paint as “deprecated” in a list of apps and features that may be removed from the software, meaning the app is “not in active development and might be removed in future releases”.

Early version of Pint program

The death of Paint comes as part of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, announced in May. The update will bring tools that make it easier to switch between tablets, laptop and phones and augmented reality video and photo editing tools in StoryMix. Microsoft is planning to release the update in the coming Autumn but the release dates have not been confirmed yet.

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 Paint’s time  has come and now it’s only a matter of time before it is removed like your favourite piece of old furniture from your childhood home.

The “deprecated” list also include Outlook Express, Reader app and Reading list. The most recent version of Paint for Windows 7 and later was much improved, but still considered feature poor compared to other free alternatives such as the third-party Paint.NET.

It has been almost three decades Paint was with the Microsoft.Paint’s removal, it will be a moment in the history of Windows as one of its longest standing apps to be removed.



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