Mumbai Based Lawyer Afroz Shah Succeeds In Cleaning the Versova Beach.

Written by Prince Chandran
June 14, 2017  

Afroz Shah and the Versova Residents Volunteers (VRV) has started a movement  in last year to clean up the Versova Beach, This is also known as one of the dirtiest beaches in Mumbai. Afroz Shah has taken the pledge of cleaning the Versova beach on October 2015 it has taken almost 80 – 90  weeks for cleaning up the beach. The waste that was recovered from the  Versova beach was around 5.5 million Kg. Now the Versova beach looks very clean and the team of Afroz Shah has also planted around 5000 coconut trees.


The Work was also appreciated by many even PM Narender Modi lauded Afroz Shah for cleanliness work he has done at Versova beach . Mr.Shah was praised by PM Modi during the ‘Mann Ki Baat’  radio programme  “A few days ago, you must have heard that the Versova beach in Mumbai, which was infamous for its filth has now transformed into a clean and beautiful beach. People toiled for about 80-90 weeks, unceasingly and turned Versova beach around by extracting thousand of tonnes of waste materials and today Versova beach is clean and beautiful,” PM Modi Said.

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He Further stated that “This campaign was owned by Versova Residence volunteer or VRV. A gentleman called Afroz Shah started this mission from October, 2015 whole heartedly with all his might, slowly people started joining his bandwagon and turned into a people’s movement. “For this outstanding work, United Nations Environment Programme or UNEP awarded ‘Champion of the Earth’ Award to Afroz Shah, and thus he has become the first Indian to achieve this distinction. I congratulate Afroz Shah, and felicitate this people’s movement. The manner in which he gathered the people of the area into a peoples collective and gave it the shape of a people’s movement in itself an inspiring example.

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Speaking on the praise he has got Afroz shah has told that  “My team members go the beach every Saturday and Sunday and collect the garbage and dump it near the points from where, BMC (civic body) men take it to segregation centers,”.




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