Massive Lego fan, 38, needs five garden shed to store his vast collection

Written by Neha Monga
October 25, 2017  

Simon Pickard’s childhood passion for Lego has turned into a serious adult obsession.

The master builder has five purpose built sheds in his garden that store an estimated one million individual pieces in plastic boxes on hand for whenever he wants to build something extravagant.

Garden Shed LegoSimon Pickard’s custom garden sheds

The 38-year-old says that it is a childhood hobby that has stayed with him for decades. He said: “Lego’s about what you put into it. I played a lot of games with Lego when I was younger. As I’ve grown older, it has ­become much more of a creative medium for me.”

Since his interest in the model bricks escalated, he began struggling to find space for the work in his home.

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Simon has created 50,000-piece models that can be up to 25sq ft and stand 3.5ft tall.

The dad-of-five spends all his spare hours “bricking”. He claims his wife would probably divorce him if she knew just how much he had spent on Lego products over the years.

Simon Pickard’s Iron Age fort construction

He’s told the Mirror: “It is ­incredible how much it can cost. I go to the Cardiff Lego store once a month and I don’t come away without purchases of up to three figures.”

And when he’s not making intricate models, he writes about them for a magazine. Lego fans also rent/ buy his models, which helps pay the bills.

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He said the success of 2014’s The Lego Movie had made it even more mainstream.

Pickard’s model of a military scene

Building a simple car or house can be hard enough, but Mr Pickard manages to create his elaborate scenes while dealing with a rare condition that causes paralysis in his left wrist.

He’s gearing up to show off his latest and most complex creation at a four-day fan convention, Bricklive, in Birmingham. Simon has created a replica of Monaco F1 hairpin, which took him four weeks to build. He said he had to find new techniques to reproduce the curving road, considering Lego blocks are usually rectangular.

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The master builder’s arsenal would make any child, and adult alike, go wild for it.



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