Man orders 200 hash browns after being told no chicken nuggets by McDonald’s

Written by Neha Monga
November 17, 2017  

What happens when you have a craving for chicken nuggets but the restaurant won’t give you one because it’s not on their breakfast menu? You would be quite disheartened for sure but will settle for something else.

Well that’s what happened with a man in Sydney who wanted to eat some chicken nuggets in the early hours of Saturday. But he was left disappointed when he was informed that he wouldn’t be able to order chicken nuggets as they were not on the breakfast menu.

Though the guy also settled for something else, just like any of us would have, with the only difference that he allegedly ordered 200 hash browns instead.

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The incident took place at about 4:50am on Saturday at a McDonald’s drive-through in northern Sydney.

The 30-year-old man became angry at staff when his request for chicken nuggets was turned down because they weren’t on the breakfast menu and did four laps of the drive-through. On his second lap, he stopped to place the order for 200 hash browns, reportedly worth $230.

The police were called to the fast food restaurant while the irate customer waited for his hash browns. The man was allegedly found intoxicated at the wheel after a breath analyser test.

The police suspended the man’s license and charged him for drunk driving.

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As for the hash browns, we think he’d still be waiting for his order.


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