Man jumps off the building wearing parachute he bought online:

Written by Prince Chandran
June 29, 2017

In what can be dubbed as an act of naivety, a man wearing a parachute he bought online is seen jumping off his balcony in a video that is doing its rounds on the internet. The video shows the man wearing a pink t-shirt and shorts, standing on the edge of his balcony wearing a parachute preparing to jump off the building. The cries of a woman and a child, assumed to be the man’s wife and son, can be heard in the background.

On a count of three the man jumps off the balcony and much to everyone’s relief makes a safe landing in the bushes. It is not known whether the man was a trained professional to carry out such an act or he just did it for the sake of thrill. But the family of the man would be relieved to see him alive after the jump.
The video has already got over half a million views on Youtube.

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