Man Gets A Fine Of $149 Canadian Dollars After Singing The 90’s Dance Hit Out Loudly In His Car.

Written by Prince Chandran
October 24, 2017  

In September Taofik Moalla, a Montreal Man was driving home and singing along ” Gonna make me sweat ” a 90’s hit C+C Music Factory. And suddenly he was pulled over by the police and he was handed a traffic ticket of $117, Why? just for singing in his car.

The 38 year old was grooving to the beat when 4 Montreal police officials came to his car and asked hi, what he was doing.

After he replied, “Nothing,” one officer asked him, “Did you scream loudly?” the Canadian Broadcasting Company reported.


Man Gets A Fine Of $149 Canadian Dollars After Singing  The 90's Dance Hit Out Loudly In His Car.



Moalla told the officers that “No, I was just listening to my favorite song,”and had then repeated the catchphrase, “Everybody dance now!”

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Moalla was still in shock because of the charge.

Talking to the CTV he told that “I don’t know if my voice was very bad and that’s why I got the ticket, But I was very shocked. I understand if they are doing their job, they are allowed to check if everything’s okay, if I kidnapped someone or if there’s danger inside, but I would never expect they would give me a ticket for that.”

He also insisted that he wasn’t singing too loud and he plans to wait till the court schedule and contest his ticket which could take upto a year.

He wants to defend himself by telling the Judge how he got the ticket.

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“Imagine if the [Montreal] Canadiens won a game,  All the fans are going to scream out of their cars. They’re going to sing. Are you going to give them all tickets?” he tolf CTV Montreal.

Montreal’s Police Department stays silent on the case when approached by certain news channels, instead they sent a statement dealing Moalla’s legal options.

Meanwhile, Moalla’s fight for the right to sing along with ’90s dance hits isn’t getting much sympathy from his wife.

“She told me, if it was for singing, I’d have given you a ticket for $300,” he told CTV Montreal.



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