Man Breaks Into Waffle House Kitchen And Makes His Own Meal At 3 AM.

Written by Prince Chandran
December 04, 2017  

South Carolina : Guy makes himself his own snack at Waffle House at 3 AM. He was drunk at the time when he broke into Waffle House.

He was having a very strong craving at 3 AM on Thursday, nothing seemed to stop him  from entering into the Waffle House. He even went past an employee who was asleep when he got there.



Alex Bowen told that he was not able to sleep that is why he entered the West Columbia restaurant. When he got there he saw no one at the premises, but one guy who was already sleeping so he did not disturb that guy and took matter into his own hands.

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After entering into the restaurant he directly went into the kitchen cooked himself a snack and posted his cooking skills on Facebook which went viral.

Got hot on the grill with a double Texas bacon cheesesteak melt with extra pickles,”Bowen told  “When I was done I cleaned the grill, collected my ill-gotten sandwich and rolled on out.”

He admitted that , “I was pretty inebriated.”

Later that day he went to the restaurant again to pay for the snack which he prepared.

Waffle House spokesperson told that the sleeping employee was suspended for a week.

They chain also noted that “for safety reasons,” customers should never “have to go behind the counter.”

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The statement also mentioned of Bowen had the chances of getting a job with the company, since he “obviously” has “some cooking skills.”

Bowen is not into any trouble because of his actions.


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