Man Arrested After Posting “Good Morning” On Facebook, Which Was Mistranslated By Facebook As ‘Attack Them’.

Written by Prince Chandran
October 23, 2017  

A Israeli man was arrested in the West Bank by police after he wrote ‘good morning’ on Facebook in Arabic which was mistranslated as ‘ attack them ‘ in Hebrew and hurt them in English by  Facebook AI.

Palestinian man named Halawim Halaw has posted in Facebook  with a image of himself standing before the bulldozer with a cup of coffee  and a cigarette and ‘ good morning ‘ in arabic.

Israeli police based on the Facebook post and FB translator believed the post was actually saying attack them or hurt them. Haaretz a local news reported that “The automatic translation service offered by Facebook uses its own proprietary algorithms. It translated ‘good morning’ as ‘attack them’ in Hebrew and ‘hurt them’ in English.”

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 man who was arrested and his facebook post.



The Times of Israel has reported that there is one letter difference  “There is only one letter’s difference between the colloquial Arabic phrase for ‘good morning to you all’ and ‘hurt them’.” A spokesperson for the Israel Police’s West Bank district confirmed the arrest of the construction worker to The Times of Israel, adding that the man was released after a few hours when the cops realized Facebook mistranslated the “good morning”

The later was arrested based on the Facebook translator and also the image which was in the background of the post which is a bulldozer, because bulldozers were earlier used in terrorist attacks in Israel.

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Mr Halaw was arrested and was questioned on ‘suspicion on incitement’ and was   few hour’s later and the police admitted it as a mistake.

Police spokeswoman Luba Samri told the AFP news agency that “a few days ago, a Palestinian was detained for questioning on suspicion of incitement through his Facebook page”.

She also added that he was immediately released by police after they found out it was false.

Think twice before you post something on Facebook .



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