Make Cow National animal Of India : Ex HC Judge Mahesh Sharma

Written by Prince Chandran
June 01, 2017  

Rajasthan Ex HC judge Mr.Sharma made into the headlines for saying Peacocks don’t have sex according to the Bhagwat purana.
During an interview to HT at his residence in Jaipur Sharma stated that as per puranas the peacocks were considered as celibate creatures and they are brahmacharis. He said “There’s a reference in Bhagwat Purana about peacocks not having sex.”

Then how do they are Born? Acc to the HC judge they just swallow the male tears and give birth . this is not the first time he had said it, but during a judgement last year he has stated this ridiculous theory . he stated that “The main characteristic of the peacock is his celibacy. The peahen gets pregnant by swallowing the tears of the peacock. The feather of this sacred bird is adorned by Lord Krishna. The culling of such a bird is a matter of national concern,” dated back to January 11,2016.

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Elaborating on the statement he said that “Lord Krishna wore the peacock feather for this reason.The feather is used by saints and priests and in temples because peacock is a celibate”

He further said that cow should be made as a national animal as it is considered very holy to the hindu people and the state government should make the penalty as life term for killing cow. And asked for the State chief Secretary to recommend it to the Center.

“Nepal is a Hindu nation and has declared the cow as its national animal…It is expected from the state government that they should take action to get a legal entity for the cow in this country,” he said.

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He also said that the 20 points what he recommended in the court today were the ‘Voice of his Soul’ describing himself as a devotee of Lord Shiva who revers cow.


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