Lucknow Metro Breaks Down On The First Commercial Run,Twitteratis Troll The Government In the Funniest Way Possible.

Written by Prince Chandran
September 06, 2017  

The Lucknow Metro Rail halts down on the first day of its commercial run due to some technical glitches.On Wednesday morning almost 100 odd passengers were really exited to take the first commercial ride but all their excitement went in vain.They would have not expected to get down the metro with such drama and through a gate that few  thankfully  get to pass through. Right at the front from the driver’s cabin!

The passengers were struck in the train for almost an hour without any light or air conditioning, they were later made to exit from the emergency door .The incident took place a day after the inaugural event where Union Minister Rajnath Singh and current CM Of UP  Shri Yogi Adityanath. And the current CM engaged in a Twitter spat of sorts, trying to take credit for the “successful” completion of the first phase of the Metro rail project.

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Following the technical snag ANI has updated there Twitter account with a tweet and photos of the passengers exiting from the emergency door. They Tweeted :

Tweet Of ANI after the Train Halted

This tweet let out a deluge of reactions from tweeple, who didn’t waste time taking digs at the government as well as the state of affairs in the country. Here are some of the witty reactions,

Who take’s the credit now.

A press release on the incident from the Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation stated: “Around 7.15 am, the metro train that was on its way from Charbagh to Transport Nagar developed a technical snag. The Emergency Brakes (EB) were applied in the train when the train was travelling between Durgapuri and Mawaiya Metro stations.”

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