August 23, 2017

The List of Highest Paid Actors has been Revealed

by Neha Monga

After all the talks of gender parity, the latest list of highest paid actors by Forbes has yet again highlighted the gender pay gap among Hollywood’s male and female actors.

Mark Wahlberg topped the list with his $68 million fortune due to his roles in Daddy’s HomeTransformers and his reality TV show, Wahlbergers. He’s followed by Dwane “The Rock” Johnson with $65 million; while thanks to the eighth instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise, Vin Diesel finished third with $54.5 million.

Pic courtesy: Vogue

The list comes a little less than a week after the list of highest paid actresses which saw Emma Stone at the top with $26 million after her Best Actress-winning role in La La Land, a whopping $44 million less than Wahlberg. She’s followed by Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence with $25.5 million and $24 million respectively, for the second and third place.

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Pic courtesy: Vogue

Altogether, the top 10 list of highest-paid actresses brought in a combined $172.5 million over the course of the 12-month scoring period (June 1, 2016, to June 1, 2017).

While the top 10 list of highest-paid actors, on the other hand, brought in a combined total of $487.5 million.

We’ll give you a few minutes to soak that in…

Here is the full list:

 1.Mark Wahlberg, $68 million
 2. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, $65 million
 3. Vin Diesel, $54.5 million
 4. Adam Sandler, $50.5 million
 5. Jackie Chan, $49 million
 6. Robert Downey, Jr., $48 million
 7. Tom Cruise, $43 million
 8. Shah Rukh Khan, $38 million
 9. Salman Khan, $37 million
 10. Akshay Kumar, $35.5 million
 11. Chris Hemsworth, $31.5 million
 12. Tom Hanks, $31 million
 13. Samuel L. Jackson, $30.5 million
 14. Ryan Gosling, $29 million
 15. Emma Stone, $26 million
 16. Jennifer Aniston, $25.5 million
 17. Jennifer Lawrence, $24 million
 18. Ryan Reynolds, $21.5 million
 19. Matt Damon, $21 million
 20. Jeremy Renner, $19 million
 21. Chris Evans, $18 million
 21. Melissa McCarthy, $18 million
 23. Chris Pratt, $17 million
 24. Mila Kunis, $15.5 million
 25. Emma Watson, $14 million
 26. Mark Ruffalo, $13 million
 27. Cate Blanchett, $12 million
 28. Julia Roberts, $12 million
 29. Amy Adams, $11.5 million
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