Kolkata mall denied entry to this man because he wore dhoti, but was allowed later when he argued in English

Written by Prince Chandran
July 18, 2017  

We have heard stories of men in the traditional Indian attire being denied entry in clubs, eateries and other public places in India during the British Raj. It seems that even in 2017, the British capital is still following the rules.In a Facebook  post, Kolkata resident Deboleena Sen posted a video of a man who was denied entry into Quest mall and was later given entry when he argues in English.

Shocked by the incident of racial profiling in India,Deboleena took the incident to social media by posting  “Apparently wearing dhoti or lungi isn’t allowed in this particular mall anymore. This form of racial profiling has induced in our society so much that it’s disgusting.”

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In her post, she stated that after stopping them from entering the mall, through walky-talkies, the guards informed some people from the management and “then let him enter only because the man in question argued in ENGLISH.” To support her claim, she had a video showing the man demanding an explanation for the mall’s discriminatory practices.

Later, when they entered the mall, she also tried to capture the video of a mall manager interacting with the man but was asked to stop recording. Disgusted by the entire incident they left the mall and later appealed on social media to boycott it.

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She posted two videos and a photo that has gained national attention. In less than 6 hours, it had more than 1,500 shares and the video had garnered over 1 lakh views, at the time of filing this story.



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