Kind Hearted IIT’n Has Won Millions Of Heart On The Internet.

Written by Prince Chandran
November 20, 2017  

Everybody are very busy with their day today life’s, nobody finds the time to help anyone who they meet.





But this IIT’n Aditya is a man with golden heart. According to the recent FB post by ‘Awsome Things in India’,  a guy named Madhu Sudhan Singh, met a guy on the footpath who was selling towels .


 He was requesting the people to buy the towels but none of them was interested, but what surprised him (Madhu ) was this guy was speaking many languages fluently and was dressed very neatly.

Out of his curiosity he spoke to the guy and was shocked to hear him say that he was IIT’n working in a very reputable MNC and makes good money.

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Than why was he selling the towels?  His answer was very heart touching he told that he was just helping the old man who was standing here throughout the day, exhausted. He offered the old man money but he refused o take.

That is when Aditya started selling the towels just to help the man and started approaching the public.

More kind human being like Mr. Aditya are needed in the world, or you can change yourself  into   becoming a better person by putting all your ego’s aside and understanding the true meaning of life.


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