KFC Twitter Account Follows 11 People, Five Spice Girls And 6 Guys Named Herb.

Written by Prince Chandran
October 20, 2017  

The little known fact about KFC twitter account has left the people amused. It has literally blown people’s mind.

The Twitter account of fried chicken and burger has revealed a lot more. The account is followed by almost 1.2 million people, but today an another twitter user @edgett22 revealed it also does much more.

He tweeted saying that

” KFC follows 11 people ?”

“Those 11 people? 5 spice girls and 6 guys named herb”

” 11 herbs and spices. I need time to process it.”

  Tweet  of edgette22    

Since being posted a matter of hours ago, the tweet has been liked almost 75,000 times and retweeted more than 41,000 times.

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The online community is saluting whoever runs the KFC account.

  Reactions Of People on twitter     Reactions of people on twitter      

And just in case you were wondering if it’s actually true, yes it is, we can confirm it.


But why is it only following 11 people that too 5 spice girls and six herbs ? This guy who is handling the account is really a genius. We all know that KFC  prides itself on its 11 herbs and spices, the secret ingredient of KFC.


Those 11 herbs and spices (the KFC recipe not the Spice Girls and guys named Herb) has been one of the most guarded secrets in the fast food restaurant industry. A copy of the mixture is reportedly held in a vault in the Louisville headquarters, along with a vial of each ingredient.

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