Kerala man tries ‘Baahubali’ stunt with elephant, gets flung in the air

Written by Neha Monga
November 14, 2017  

Trying to pull ‘Baahubali’ stunt of mounting an elephant by climbing up its trunk, similar to one performed by Prabhas, a young man from Thodupuzha was sent flying by an elephant who did not like the idea of the man getting too close to it.

Dressed in a white shirt and lungi, the video shows a Kerala walking confidently towards an elephant standing in a rubber estate. The man carries a few bananas seemingly to befriend the elephant by feeding it.

After feeding the elephant, and assuming elephants acceptance of the fruit as the acceptance of their friendship,the man holds both its tusks and leans forward to kiss the animal on its trunk. His first attempt turns out to be a success. Elated, the man, who was apparently drunk, tries to do the same again. As he does it, the man’s friends who are live-streaming the entire incident on Facebook, warn him.

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“Don’t go near the elephant. Don’t go! Don’t go! You’re drunk. The elephant will go mad.”

Ignoring his friend’s warnings, the man tries to do the same again when the elephant angrily flings him in the air. The man lands on his head with his body twisted over

Stunned, his friend runs over to check on him shouting, “Is he dead? No, no, he’s alive.” The live broadcast ends abruptly.

According to reports, the man knocked unconscious by the elephant was admitted to the hospital for treatment following the incident.

It has always been emphasized by the makers of the films and the actors performing these action scenes, that these stunts are done after a lot of practice and with a lot of caution and special effects and people are advised to never try these stunts at home by themselves.

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Although this man learnt the same the hard way.


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