You Just Listen To Your Favourite Music, But The Japanese Have Already Started Tasting Them.

Written by Prince Chandran
October 17, 2017  

New gadget actually lets music lovers to taste music.

I’m not making this up, a company in Japan made a piece of tech that lets you taste your songs.

It’s called the Squeeze Music which, far from being a retrospective of Jool’s Holland old band. it analyzes the emotional content of any song and turns it into a liquid form. The Squeeze Box almost loos like a juice bar/juke box hybrid.

The software in the jukebox/juice bar mash-up works by analysing waveform of a song then ascribing their myriad moods with corresponding flavours.


Squeeze Miusic Box



So, happy is signified as Sweet, excitement by sourness, sadness by bitterness and saltiness for sentimentry.

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Therefore, something like Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry (Be Happy) would taste like the kind of sugar rush that might give your dentist a coronary, while Dancing with Tears in My Eyes by Ultravox would be like sucking on a case of lemons.


Squeeze Miusic Box -Enjoy_your_favourite_song_in_drink_form



It is still in the prototype stage, its makers – The Nomura Open Innovation Lab and are expecting that it will become a favourite thing in the music festivals as people can drink their favoutite music.

The company is also planning to turn them into alcoholic cocktails. If that is the case don’t go with Shane MacGowan and The Pogues’ back catalogue things could get messy.

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