I was just 14-15 years old, says Tejaswi Yadav On CBI’s corruption charges

Written by Neha Monga
July 12, 2017  

A day after the JD(U) asked the alliance partner RJD to come clean over the corruption charges made by CBI, Tejaswi Yadav, RJD leader and Bihar Deputy Chief Minister, lashed out on BJP saying that corruption charges on him and his family are a part of political vendetta created by the BJP.

 “I can only say this is a political vendetta by the BJP. The main leaders attached to it are Amit Shah and Narendra Modi. They have always been scared of my father, but it seems they are scared of me too” he said after attending the Cabinet meeting held by by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to discuss the political situation in Bihar in the wake of CBI raids on the Yadav family.

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He also said that the corruption charges levelled against him were an attempt to break the grand alliance in Bihar. “Right from the beginning, they are trying to break the ‘mahagathbandhan’, and accuse us in all possible ways. Not just us, they are always ready to malign Bihar for all possible crime.”

“They are bringing up cases of 2004 against me. I was 13-14-year-old that time. I didn’t even have a ‘mooch.’ How could a kid that age do all this?” he asked. He further said that their government always followed “zero tolerance towards corruption” policy and denied any wrong doing. “Since the day I joined office, I had made it clear that I will follow zero intolerance against corruption. During my reign as Bihar’s Deputy Chief Minister, I have not done anything against the government and its function. All the three departments under me flourished with progress towards the state,” he said.

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Earlier on Tuesday JD(U) official spokesperson Neeraj Kumar said “we hope that the accused come forward and provide evidences to the public to prove their innocence so that the people can be assured that the allegations which have been framed are incorrect. It is their responsibility to provide proofs.”



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