Jackie Chan Speaks About The Bruce Lee We Didn’t Know And His First Meeting With Him.

Written by Prince Chandran
October 31, 2017  

Jackie Chan in an interview talks about his first meeting with Bruce Lee and it is really funny.

As we all know Jackie Chan started his career as a stunt man in the Chinese martial art movies, he grew very popular after that with his funny martial art skills, which attracted the young a lot.


Bruce Lee was a huge actor in the late 70’s when Chan started as a stunt man. Bruce Lee was everything by than an actor, director, martial art instructor and a philosopher.

Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee acted in three films together where Lee was the lead actor and Chan was the stunt man. They were seen togrther in ‘Enter the Dragon’, ‘Fist of Fury’ and ‘Jing wu Men’.

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Jackie Cruce Lee In Enter The dragon


After filming Enter the Dragon they became good friends when Bruce Lee knocks over Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee immediately helped Chan off the ground. They were very much friends.



Jackie Cruce Lee In Enter The dragon



He even  went to bowling alley with Bruce Lee when they were shooting together for a film.

After this incident a few months later on July 20 1973 the actor was dead due to Cerebral Endema.


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