International Space Station Astronauts have a pizza party in zero gravity

Written by Neha Monga
December 04, 2017  

What do you do when you are in space and crave for a pizza? Nothing much right.

But that isn’t what Paolo Nespoli did. The Italian astronaut who is currently aboard the International Space Station as part of Expedition 53, missed pizza so much that he boldly brought it up to his boss during a live streamed public event.

And guess what. The manager of the ISS, Kirk Shireman, surprised the astronauts in space by delivering the ingredients needed to make pizzas.

A video uploaded by NASA’s Johnson Space Centre shows the crew working together to create pizzas. The video is now doing the rounds on social media.

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Nespoli posted the video on Facebook and wrote, “When you really, really miss pizza… you CASUALLY mention it to the International Space Station ​ Boss during a live public event 😉 Thank you Kirk for surprising us with unexpectedly delicious pizzas! #VITAmission.”

The video has had over 100,000 views since it was uploaded on December 2.

And if you were thinking how well the space pizzas turned out, Nespoli said pizzas in space were ‘unexpectedly delicious’, while astronaut Randy Bresnik called all the pizzas ‘tasty’.

According to reports, ingredients for the pizza as well as an ice cream truck were launched into space in November from Virginia, USA.

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