Indonesian villagers feast on defeated 7.8 metres python

Written by Neha Monga
October 05, 2017  

A giant python in an Indonesian village attacked a man, nearly severing his hand, before it was killed by the villagers, who later ate it too, said a police chief on Wednesday.

Security guard Robert Nababan who was patrolling an oil palm plantation in the remote Batang Gansal sub district of Sumatra island when he encountered the giant reptile.

The local media reported that “the python was 7.8 metres long (25.6 feet), it was unbelievably huge.”

Nababan tried to catch the python and that’s when the reptile attacked him, the reptile in an attempt to fight back bit Nababan on his left arm and nearly severed it before other villagers gathered and killed the giant creature.

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Though Nababan survived the python’s attack, his hand was badly injured and the doctors “might have to cut it off,” the police chief told the media.

The villagers then displayed the python’s body in the village before chopping it, frying it and feasting on it.

The police chief said that he was not surprised that the python was as it is considered to be really tasty. “I have heard from friends that they are really tasty. I mean it’s a 7 metre snake… That’s a lot of meat,” he added.

Giant pythons are commonly found in Indonesia and the Philippines.


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