Hunter Shots Down A Woman By Pistol After Mistaking Her For A Deer.

Written by Prince Chandran
November 25, 2017  

Rosemary Billquist, 43 was killed by a hunter when she was walking her dogs in the western New York.


Rosemary Billquist and Hunter, Thomas Jadlowski.



According to the authorities the hunter thought that was a deer and shot Rosemary with a pistol.

The Chautauqua country sheriffs office told that Rosemary from Sherman took her dog for the evening around 5:30. near her hometown at Pennsylvania border on Wednesday.

Deputies said Billquist was walking in a field when a man mistook her for a deer and shot her.

As soon as he fired he heard screams of Billquist, called 911 and stayed with her until the emergency crew was arrived. Billquist was taken to a hospital in Erie, Pennsylvania, where she was pronounced dead.

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Police officials said that the incident happened after 40 minutes after the sunset, officially it is illegal to hunt after the sunset. No charges were filed against the man who shot and investigation is still going on.

Dale Dunkelberger, master instructor for firearms for the New York state Department of Environmental Conservation’s hunter educational program, told that shooting after hours and not properly identifying a target were a recipe for tragedy.

“Hunters have to understand there are other people using trails, using parks in areas where we as sportsmen hunt,” said Dunkelberger. “In this case … he shouldn’t have been out there hunting after sunset. You’re done. That’s the law.”

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Dunkelberger said using a pistol to shoot deer was permissible.



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