Hawaii Judge Orders Man To Compliment His Ex-Girlfriend As Punishment.

Written by Prince Chandran
November 01, 2017  

Hawaii man Daren Young was given unusual  punishment by Judge Rhonda Loo for violating protection order by contacting his ex-girlfriend.

When punishing the wrongdoer’s, judges sometimes choose punishments that go beyond the usual fine or prison.


Hawaii Judge Orders Man To Compliment His Ex-Girlfriend As Punishment.


In this case, last week a judge from Hawaii ordered a man to write 140 compliments to his ex-girlfriend after he violated a protection order.

“For every nasty thing you said about her, you’re going to say a nice thing,” 2nd Circuit Judge Rhonda Loo told Daren Young, 30,  “No repeating words.”

Daren Young was ordered in February not to text or call his ex-girlfriend but he violated the law and started contacting her he sent almost 140 texts over the span of about three hours. He was later arrested and spent almost 157 days in jail.

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At his sentencing on Friday, Young received time served and was placed on two years probation. Loo also slapped him with $2,400 in fines and 200 hours of community service, then gave him the writing assignment.

“It’s so childish to think a grown man can be so thumb-happy, I hope you don’t have a phone anymore and, if you do, I hope you don’t have her number anymore.”  Loo told Young in court.

He is not the first judge  who made headlines with unusual punishments, other judges were Ohio judge Michael Cicconetti and Texas Judge Mike Peters. Peters once sentenced a woman to 30 days jail for starving her two horses. He also ordered that for the first three days she should have only bread and water.

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“She’s getting more than her horses got,” Peter said.



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