Ghost Hunters Are Planning To Use Ouija Board To Contact The Sensation Black Eyed Child For A New Spooky Tv Show.

Written by Prince Chandran
December 05, 2017  

Ghost hunters are planning to contact  ghost by using the Ouija Board.

They are planning to make contact with the Black Eyed Child of st , who became an internet sensation back in 2014 following numerous alleged sighting of the girl with the coal-pit eyes.


The Ghost Hunters are planing to contact the spirit as part of the  £200,000 TV documentary to be aired next year.

Now Manchester based paranormal investigators Dale Makin and Justin Cowell, of TV series Paranormal Truth, will set foot in the woods of Cannock Chase and say they will try and ‘make contact’.




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There were may sightings of the Black Eyed Child  and a lot of snaps of the spooky child was also captured.

Dale said: “The Black Eyed children of Cannock Chase are famous around the world and there have been numerous sightings. We are planning to go to Cannock Chase and use a ouija board to see if we can make contact with these spirits.



“Some people say you are asking for trouble, opening a spiritual door and inviting all kinds of negative spirits into your life. On the other hand, some people will tell you it’s all a load of nonsense and question how a ouija board can become a form of spirit communication and allow you to talk to the dead and evil spirits.

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“We will interview the public, subject matter experts and well-respected people in the paranormal community and then put the use of ouija boards to the test, in varying environmental conditions and locations.

“Myself and Justin are different from the majority of other investigators, We are very hard to convince, which is why we are taking this scientific approach with the ouija board.

“Our investigations are based on honesty. What you see is what you get.

“If nothing happens, then that’s what you’ll see. Investigations are conducted in a level-headed manner and we hope that is visible through our documentaries.”




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