Fox Reporter Gets Hit In The Face With A Snowball Right Before Going Live

Written by Neha Monga
December 15, 2017  

FOX6 News Milwaukee’s crew just declared that winter is here and how. Reporter Amy DuPont was just about to go live to give an update on the winter weather in the region, when her photographer decided to start an impromptu snowball fight.

A video posted by local news channel on Facebook shows DuPont prepare for her live report. Suddenly her off-camera photographer threatens to throw a snowball at her. She braces for an impact briefly. But assuming that the photographer would actually not throw it at her gets ready to go live when a ball of snow comes at her real fast.

And bang, it hits her right in the face. With just seconds before cameras start rolling, DuPont hardly has any time to brush off the snow from her face and clothes.

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Her colleague, quite obviously embarrassed, rushes towards her, laughing and saying “Sorry, sorry.”

Inspite of being hit by a snowball in the face, DuPont handles it like a boss and goes on to deliver the news like nothing really happened. “Clearly, it’s great snow for snowball fights,” she tells the viewers, trying to suppress giggles.

Watch the video here:

The clip will make for a great “end of the year blooper reel.” What do you think?


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