Father Meets His Son For The First Time, Who He Thought Never Existed.

Written by Prince Chandran
November 21, 2017  

Alex Gilbert is a New Zealand adoption advocate. He is known as the founder of the adoption project I’m Adopted which he established in 2015.




In a video posted in Youtube he meets his birth father for the first time after his birth. It took 25 years to meet his father.  The birth father did not even know that he existed.

He met his father ‘Misha’  for the first time in Russia in 2013 at Saint Petersburg and his mother at Rybinsk.

When he first contacted his father he never expected to have a son in New Zealand. He thanked his mum and dad who raised him and thanks them till today.

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He started the search for his birth father in 2013 when his birth mother told him who his birth father was, He tracked him down and tried to contact him. He was very much happy to meet him and thanked his mum and dad for raising him.

He also asked to that he would love to meet his mum and dad, because they were the one’s who made him what he was today. And in 2015 they all came together.

Misha has accepted Alex and is part of the family now.




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