Famous Plane Spotting Beach in the Caribbean To Make Alterations After Tourist’s Death

Written by Neha Monga
July 28, 2017  

Sint Maarten’s Princess Julianna Airport, famous for its close proximity to low flying airlines, is also globally known for its scary landings and blowing people into the water due to the jet blast. Nonetheless, the beach is one of the most popular location with the plane spotters where aircrafts can be viewed in their flight path just outside the end of the runway.

However, after the death of a New Zealand woman after being thrown backwards by the force of a jet engine, Sint Maarten government announced plans to reroute airline traffic to keep tourists further away.

Despite various warning signs around the beach, it is still common for beachgoers to stand directly behind passenger planes prior to take off.

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While the changes are not likely to stop tourists from flocking to Maho Beach, which is just 50 metres from the end of the airport’s runway, it will likely change how they are able to watch landings.

This was the first recorded death at the tourist attraction, however it was not the first case of serious injury. According to Travel + Leisure, a tourist was recorded being flung backwards in a similar fashion, also slamming her head on concrete in the year 2012.




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