Everyone is making the same ‘Arya Stark’ jokes about the iPhone X

Written by Neha Monga
September 13, 2017  

If you watched or read about Apple’s event where iPhone X was released, chances are you know about the phone’s new feature that allows you to unlock your iPhone with facial recognition.

Now, instead of using your fingerprint to unlock your phone or open certain apps, the iPhone X will use advanced facial recognition – with the company claiming the chances of someone else unlocking your phone with Face ID being one in one million.

But as Game of Thrones fans well know, getting someone else’s face isn’t as hard as you may think in Westeros.

Welcome, Arya Stark – the new gateway to every iPhone on earth.

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The twitterati had a field day presenting the face ID challenge to Arya.

The comparison was inevitable, as Apple projected a background on which masks of human faces hung on a wall, very similar to the wall of faces Game of Thrones showed in the House of Black and White.

If Arya was alive in the present day, she would not only be the fiercest assassin, but also the most skilled hacker!


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