Enormous waterspout forms off Italian coast in a rare weather phenomenon

Written by Neha Monga
December 05, 2017  

A dramatic footage of an enormous waterspout forming off the Italian coast before turning into a tornado and tearing through a city, has surfaced on the social media.

The rare weather phenomenon took place on December 1, in the north-western Italian city of Sanremo, on the Mediterranean coast. Several people who witnessed the phenomenon first-hand, shared the videos on internet.

Video shows the whirling waterspout wreaking havoc at the harbour in Sanremo before it moved inland as a tornado, causing damage in the city.

The phenomenon which lasted for several minutes, caused extensive damage to the city, tearing chimneys from rooftops, damaging cars and injuring at least one person, according to local reports.

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“The waterspouts seem to be over, but there are large problems on the ground and there remains a situation of great care,” Sanremo mayor Alberto Bancheri told Italian newspaper IL Tempo.

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“The rescue is in motion. None of the firefighters, municipal police and Civil Defence Volunteers working on the ground have been injured.

“But, there are several problems in many areas and the danger that unsafe objects, not yet secured, may fall.”

The beach on the popular Italian Riviera tourist destination was closed before the waterspout moved inland.

Waterspouts are columns of cloud and mist that form over water bodies and start spinning. A waterspout’s average lifespan is about 5-10 minutes, though at times they can also last up to an hour.



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