Elon Musk tweets photos of Tesla’s latest car Model 3

Written by Neha Monga
July 11, 2017  

One of the most anticipated cars, Tesla Model 3’s first ever production came off the assembly line on Saturday. Elon Musk, Founder and CEO of Tesla tweeted the photos of the new car captioned “First Production Model 3.” Musk got the possession of the first production unit only after the actual first pre-order customer, Ira Ehrenpreis – Founder of DBL Partners, gifted him his spot in the queue as his birthday present.

Musk also tweeted that he does not automatically gets the first edition of each model for himself, he said “It’s who is first to pay full price for the car.” He further added “Hard rule. I have first Roadster and X, but not first S.”

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Model 3 is a 5-seat electric saloon and the first mass market car by Tesla with prices starting from $35000.The first 30 owners of the car will be able to take the driver’s seat on July 28 at a celebratory launch party. More information on the specifications and features is expected post this launch.

Tesla, which owned the market for fully electric vehicles until now, claims Model 3 will deliver 215 miles per charge. It faces tough competition from Chevrolet Bolt that goes 238 miles on a charge and with Audi and Ford planning to introduce electric SUV’s in near future.



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