Elon Musk: A Humble Human Being Or Is It Just A Public Facade?

Written by Neha Monga
October 12, 2017  

There have been many things written about billionaire Elon Musk. And it has always been debated whether he is genuinely a humble person or is it just an image presented to the public. While looking for an answer we came across an article on Quora where a man gave an account of his interaction with Musk for a few minutes.

Troy Allen, who is a BS in Human Centered Design & Engineering, accidentally met Musk in Florida.

Allen who wanted to visit a “beach bar” in Cape Canaveral area happened to enter a restaurant where he saw all the people present in the bar wearing SpaceX tees. It was supposedly an “after party” to celebrate the recovery of a rocket on land for the first time. After about 45 minutes, Musk arrived and told everyone that the rocket was in good shape etc. His employees came up to him, spoke to him and clicked pictures and he obliged everyone. Allen, who wanted to confront that he was not one of his employees, waited for all the actual employees to finish their conversation. However, as his turn came, Musk was talking about user interface (UI) in Tesla, which also happened to be Allen’s area of expertise, so he joined in the conversation.

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After about 5 minutes into the conversation, Musk’s assistant tried to politely end the conversation by saying, “It was nice meeting you Troy…” when Elon interrupted him and said, “Hang on – we’re talking here.”

The discussion went on for another ten minutes after which Allen asked to get a picture. A woman clicked a picture for him but as he walked away and checked the photo, it was totally blurry, so naturally Allen was quite disappointed.

As Allen was leaving the bar, he caught Musk’s eye and Musk raised his beer mug to him. Allen held up his phone showing the blurred photo to Musk, seeing which Musk said “Get over here, Troy!”, so he worked his way through the group waiting, and Musk said, “We need to redo that – that sucks”. So, he had his assistant take a picture for him and it was just right this time.

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Though Musk had no personal interest in Allen, he still went out of his way and gave Allen his time by both finishing their conversation and making sure that Allen got a good picture with him. And that, we believe, makes him a nice man.


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