Eight Year Old Boy Accidentally Swallows a Party Hooter and He cant Stop Squeaking Now!!

Written by Prince Chandran
October 03, 2017  

A young boy was not able to stop squeaking for every breath he took because of the party hooter and he cant get it out now.

The parents rushed him to the hospital,and at the first they were a little bit worried when the doctors were struggling to get the party hooter out.



The doctors had to operate on the boy to get that party accessory removed.



And the doctors also uploaded the video of the young boy squeaking just as a warning to the parents to know what their children are putting in the mouth. I bet you can’t stop laughing and this video has already hit 6 million views.

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Doctor Gomez Zuviria released the clip, which was shot in a hospital’s emergency room in the north-western Argentine province of Tucuman and shows an unnamed boy of around eight years old.



In the video you can see the kid staring into the camera for few seconds before making the hilarious sound.The doctors said that the little party hooter was stuck in his wind pipe and that was the reason for the comic effect.

The boy is believed to have made a full recovery now.


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