Edible Glitter Lattes Is The Latest Trend In Coffee

Written by Neha Monga
November 07, 2017  

Edible glitter lattes are soon going to make their debut in the UK. And the way these silly trends catch on these days, soon you might be able to sip on a sparkly coffee in a café near you.

An England based café called Melbourne In Lichfield has revealed its glitter topped lattes (standard and turmeric) and they will go on sale officially this week. Thankfully, the golden glitter adoring the drinks is edible.

Debs and Andrew Pease, the owners of the café, say that they created the concept because they enjoy experimenting with their treats and wanted to have some fun creating these glitter lattes.

“We are quirky and unashamedly true to us. We love a laugh and making people happy,” the couple tells Mashable. “Whilst I take coffee seriously, I love fun as well and believe we all need to have more fun in life and enjoy what we do.”

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Melbourne in Lichfield is not the first coffee shop to market a dazzling coffee drink. According to Mashable, there is another café in India, Coffee by Di Bella,’ that sells ‘Gold and Diamond Cappuccino,’ a drink similar to Melbourne’s beautifully decorated with intricate and edible twinkly designs.

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These glittery drinks are a treat for the eyes and make for the perfect instagrammable photos. But other than that, I think we would be happy to drink our good ol’ coffees without any sparkles on them.

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