This drunk guy intends owning Greenland and writes a mail to Denmark if he could and actually gets a response

Written by Neha Monga
October 26, 2017  

What is the craziest thing that you’ve done when you were drunk?  Drove around the town with loud music, danced like there is no tomorrow, impulse buy stupid things online, called up your ex. Well it happens, alright?

But this guy has taken the crazy things we do when drunk, a notch higher. This guy got drunk and wrote a mail to Denmark (yeah, that’s a country) about borrowing Greenland for a bit.

In the mail, Imgur user ChefShwasty (or Joe) explained that he and his friend wanted to own a country but since they both are young they decided to start out small. Joe also mentioned about his managerial experience and other professional details that would have helped him rule Greenland along with his charismatic friend. But since nothing in this world comes for free, Joe offered to give Denmark his Hugh Thomassen autograph, several cans of “Surge!”, and some Rolling Stones issues (after he’s already read them, of course), if they handed over Greenland to the two of them. He also came up with the brilliant idea that they could all share video games.

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While the letter is hilarious in itself, the real kicker is this: Denmark actually responded to the letter.

As expected Denmark wasn’t exactly keen on giving up Greenland. They advised him to actually start small and sent him a job application to work there, which is not so bad too.

Though, Joe may not have gotten an entire country to rule, but he did get pretty wild story out of this. According to Joe, the letters now hang in his mother’s bedroom, proof that even though he’s pretty useless at building an empire, he has truly brought honour upon his family.

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