Drones deliver burger, beers and more in Iceland

Written by Neha Monga
August 29, 2017  

Fancy a food delivery by drone? You can get your meals home delivered by drone — if you live in Reykjavik, that is.

Lucky foodies in Reykjavik are the first in the world to be able to order hamburgers, sushi, and even beer to be delivered by drone.

The commercial drone delivery service is the invention of Israeli drone logistics company Flytrex and Icelandic eCommerce company AHA.

However, this is not yet a door to door drone delivery. An AHA worker puts the food in the drone, locks it for the flight and sends the drone on its way. The second worker then collects the food from the drone as it touches down at the other end of the route near the customer. The second worker then walks or bikes the delivery to its final destination.

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At the moment, drone service is only available on one route. A normal delivery driver to reach the same location would take about 25 minutes along winding roads around a wide river. Drone delivery cuts that journey time down to four minutes. The company expects to do this about 20 times a day. The only requirement is that the package in flight has to be lighter than six pounds, but that’s also a lot of food we think. Flytrex flights start at $0.80 per mile.

According to Verge, Flytrex hopes to make drone delivery a door to door delivery by expanding the program. The company aims to deliver along more routes in Iceland, lowering delivery straight down to the customers via wire.

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