Drive -Through Funerals Are The New Big Thing In Japan.

Written by Prince Chandran
October 03, 2017  

Japan is very well known for the weird kind of things they do, and here is a new one to the list. Everyone has heard about drive through at MC Donald’s and KFC but this drive through is something different it is Drive Through Funeral Service.

The Japanese Funeral Parlour is set to offer the relatives to pay their final respects to the deceased one without even getting down of the car.

The firm claims it to be the first drive through funerals service in Japan, for the rapidly ageing population funerals are nothing but a dying trade.

Elderly mourners can register their names on the touch screen device where they can make a traditional offering of incense. What ever is written on the screen by the mourners is displayed to the grieving funeral host inside.

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This initiative aims to speed up funeral service by cutting down the time and making it possible for infirm relatives to participate.



 “Older people may hesitate to attend a funeral because they have to ask for help to get out of the car, But we want as many people as possible to be able to come to say farewell to their friends or neighbours,” said president Masao Ogiwara.

The Usual time it takes for a wheel chair person to offer incense at an altar during a traditional Japanese Funeral is 15 minutes.

Ogiwara said the time is cut down to just a few minutes by Kanbyn Sosai Aichi Group in central Nagano prefecture expects to offer from December.

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