Defying all odds, this woman wins lottery twice in one day

Written by Neha Monga
November 06, 2017  

The odds of winning the lottery are pretty slim, but the chances of winning twice in a single day seem impossible.

But defying all odds, a woman in North Carolina, US won the lottery, not once but twice on the same day. Kimberly Morris bought the $4,000,000 Diamond Dazzler ticket from a grocery store on Monday. To her surprise, she won $10,000. Morris quickly drove to the North Carolina Education Lottery headquarters in Raleigh to claim her prize.

“I was shocked,” she told the North Carolina Education Lottery. “It felt really great to win, but I really have always dreamed I would win $1 million!”

On the way home after collecting her money, she stopped and bought another $20 ticket from a super market. And, voila, she got lucky and how.

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This time, the mother of three won a whopping $1 million.

She called her husband, John Morris, on her way home to share the good news, but he was sceptical.

“She was freaking out on the phone. I couldn’t understand her, so I told her to slow down. When I realized what she was saying, I didn’t believe her at first. I had to come home and see it for myself,” he said.

Morris returned to the lottery headquarters in Raleigh to claim her second prize. She chose to take the lump sum on the $1 million ticket, which was worth $417,012 after taxes.

She plans to invest the prize money and share some of it with her three children.

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The Morris family had a lot to celebrate over the past weekend and many more weekends to come.


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