Its Been A Decade, The First Public Beta Version Of The Android Was Released.

Written by Prince Chandran
November 06, 2017  

Google’s first Android public beta has reached its 10 year anniversary. It was released on Nov 5 2007. But many refer  today or September 23rd, as that’s the date in 2008 was when 1.0-r1 was released—but November 5th is generally regarded as Android’s birthday.

The Android version what we are using now is way different from the beta version. It is way different than what ended upon the first android phone.

The T-mobile G1 or the HTC dream as it was known, featured a touch screen based interface like the Iphone’s, but what you see in the video demonstrated by Sergei Brin is actually optimized for the Blackberry like device with a keyboard.

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Luckily, Google quickly took notice of the direction iOS went in and decided to change the interface of the Android platform to something similar.

From the very first day of its launch, it was very clear that it was not only for Google Phone or the G Phone,  it was about creating an ecosystem with thousands of devices. It offers an open ecosystem  which developers and creators have been able to offer unique extensions and applications, a hallmark feature of what is now the world’s most popular operating system.

Looking at the video it was trip down the memory lane. It shows in the video what Google thought of Android from the very start.

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What was the first Android version you used? Do let us know in the comment section below.



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