Cop Fines Himself After Parking His Car At The Handicapped Zone.

Written by Prince Chandran
November 15, 2017  

We think when we issue tickets to someone we know, whether to book him/her or not. But this cop from Milwaukee is on a other level when it comes to duty. He issued a ticket for parking in a handicapped parking spot.

But whom did he issue the ticket? Himself.



Yes you read it right, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says he parked his vehicle near the Milwaukee County War Memorial for a Veterans Day ceremony Wednesday.

According to Sheriff he has requested one of the fellow officer to move the vehicle to another location, but that request was not followed.

When he returned to his vehicle, he noticed that his vehicle was parked in handicapped parking spot for the duration of Veterans Day Ceremony.

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After looking at his vehicle he just followed his duties there, he issued a parking ticket to himself, because he parked it .

The county fine for parking the vehicle there was $35 . he also donated $200 to an ” Organisation that works with the disabled.”

In the press release he said that  ” The rules are same for my squad as any car except in an emergency or official business but not in handicap area.”

He also said ” Parking there is inexcusable.”


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