A collection of things that were sheer failure

Written by Neha Monga
October 26, 2017  

Here are the things that were clearly not very well planned and ended up being sheer failure.

1. That’s a clever lock there!

2. This one took North South East West too literally

3. Who wants to wash their hands?

4. Kids are going to be scared to enter this store.

5. Why do we even have these gates?

6. How many answers did you get right?

7. I am happy with just two legs!

8. Who is the genius engineer who designed this?

9. This is just a ski lift.

10. That’s quite cleverly designed.

11. Europe just disappeared from this globe.

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12. That’s not a very pleasing design.

13. Hands up!

14. End children, seriously??

15. Why did they even create this fire alarm?

16. That’s not a very appropriate place for the red flowers.

17. The dogs are sure going to be scared.

18. We absolutely don’t support that.

19. We’re happy, you’re happy and we are confused.

20. Somebody better open this before Christmas.


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