Chugging Beer Can Win You Rs 15K in Beer Chugging Challenge

Written by Neha Monga
August 31, 2017  

It’s just Thursday today and you can’t wait any longer for the weekend to arrive. Well you don’t have to if you happen to be in Gurgaon today.

Ministry of Beer, Gurugram has organised an event called Inter-Corporate Beer Chugging Champion where you can gather all your work buddies and compete amongst yourself to find the ultimate beer chugging champion.

The champion team is going to walk away with cash prize of Rs 15000. The total prize money to be given away is Rs 30000. Each team will consist of 4 participants and you need to win 3 challenges to grab the first spot.

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Challenge #1: Dart the Beer

This one’s easy. Each team has to throw a dart and drink the number of beers on the board. Needless to say, the lesser the better.

Image result for dart board and beer

Challenge #2: Chug and Bounce

2 participants from each team have to drink a certain number of drinks while bouncing a table tennis ball on a table tennis racquet. If you drop the ball, you need to start all over again. You better have a table tennis pro in your team.

Image result for table tennis and beer

Challenge #3: Beer Pong Relay

Each participant of the team throws a TT ball into a beer mug and then drink from that mug, only the mugs will be at the other side of the table. This activity continues until all members complete the challenge.

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Image result for beer pong

And obviously if your team finishes all the three challenges in the lowest time, you become the Inter-Corporate Beer Chugging Champion.

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