Chinese army broke into Indian border,warned the shepherds to vacate the area.

Written by Prince Chandran
July 31, 2017  

This incident took place on the early morning of 25 July when a group of shepherds were asked to vacate the land by People Liberations Army at the Barahoti area in Uttrakand,this land comes under Indian territory.

Chinese border guards entered one kilometer into Barahoti area in Uttrakand and threatened the shepherds who were grazing the cattle to leave the place in the Chamoli district.

According to a report, over 10 Chinese soldiers entered Uttarakhand’s Barahoti area in Chamoli district on July 25 at about 9 am

This incident is purely disrespectful against the Chinese army,the main cause of the incident must be the standoff between the Indian and Chinese army at Dokalam near Sikkim.

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The Barohoti in the Uttrakhand region is the demilitarised zone where the Indo – Tibetian Border Police would not carry any weapons in this region.

After the war in 1958 Indian and Chinese government have both agreed that Barahoti would be an undisputed area where neither of them would send the troops.

Even after the war ITBP would patrol in the Barahoti region with weapons in a non-combative manner with the barrel of the gun facing down.

Not just Barahoti, but after lot of negotiations on the border disputes in June 2000 both India and China agreed that ITBP troops would not carry the weapons also in  Kauril and Shipki in Himachal Pradesh.

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Even today you can see the ITBP officials in their civil dresses patrolling the Barahoti region. Indian shepherds from border villages tending their sheep and people from Tibet bringing their yaks for grazing.



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