Chetan Bhagat asks Twitterati ‘Did You Saw Taj,’ gets trolled for grammar

Written by Neha Monga
October 09, 2017  

This is not the first time 2 States author, Chetan Bhagat has been trolled on social media. Mr.Bhagat, who is no stranger to controversies was recently schooled by twitterati for a grammatical mistake.

It so happened that Mr. Bhagat decided to have a little poll regarding the ongoing controversy surrounding the facts that ‘Taj Mahal’ has been left out of an Uttar Pradesh tourism booklet, which was recently released by the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department.

Mr.Bhagat took to Twitter to voice his opinion about the booklet. Referring to a Washington Post article titled “Is India neglecting the Taj Mahal because it was built by Muslims?”, he posted this question — “Did you ever, as an Indian, saw the Taj as a ‘Muslim’ monument (as @washingtonpost is saying it’s being neglected because it is Muslim)”.

The author mistakenly used ‘saw’, past tense of the word ‘see’, instead of ‘see’ in his tweet. The ‘learned’ Twitterati decided to give him some grammar lessons.

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Here are the funniest reactions:

The writer soon apologised for the mistake and blamed it on autocorrect.


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