Can You Spot All The 13 Unlucky Objects In The Bad Luck Bedroom Picture Puzzle ?

Written by Prince Chandran
October 20, 2017  

Black cats, the number of the beast these are some of the unlucky objects, will you be fortunate enough to find out all the unlucky omens in this bad luck bedroom picture.

This devious puzzle is created by, which hides all the unlucky objects what we come across in our day today lives.

Did you know that putting new shoes on a table top is considered bad luck? Or that rocking an empty rocking chair is believed to welcome evil spirits into your home?



Some consider getting out of a particular side of the bed unlucky, while an upside-down horseshoe supposedly catches the bad luck that a correctly-orientated one would simply bounce off.

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Greg Tatton-Brown from said: “For those who believe in luck, signs both good and bad wait at every turn, but this bedroom has it worse than most!”


Answers Below.










Bad Luck Objects

1. A Black Cat

2. An Open Umbrella

3.  The Number 666

4. The number 13

5. A broken mirror

6. A ladder

7. An upside down horse shoe

8. A crack in the floor

9. A bed (getting out the wrong side of bed)

10. A white table cloth on table

11. A broken clock

12. An empty rocking chair

13. Shoes on the table


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