Can You Solve This Puzzle ? Which Cup Gets The Coffee First ? Its Not That Easy.

Written by Prince Chandran
November 13, 2017  

A recent puzzle by one of the Twitter users is messing around with people’s mind.

It has been confusing to a lot of people over the correct answer to the coffee themed puzzle.

A Twitter user shared this puzzle on Thursday,  in which coffee is poured into a network of pipes leading to four different cups.

You have to find out which cup receives the coffee first.


Many people tried to answer it but only few got it right.


He was not at all interested in the challenge.


The answer is about to be revealed.

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A closer look at the pipes shows that the coffee will actually end up in only one cup,  number 5. That’s because the pathways to the other three cups are all sealed off.


Bravo to all those who got it right.


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