Britain Man Sets Guinness World Record For The Fastest Time In Jet Suit.

Written by Prince Chandran
November 09, 2017  

Richard Browning, a real life Iron Man set a world record for the fastest speed in a jet suit. He managed to fly around a park in the English city of Reading in a jet suit he built himself.

To build the fastest jet suit it took almost three years and it all started when he wanted to build his own flying suit.


Britan Man Sets Guinness World Record For The Fastest Time In Jet Suit.


The current jet suit is called ” Daedalus,” is a light exoskeleton attached to six gas turbines. Four turbines on the arm and two on the hips, that have  a combined thrust of 286 pounds.



Before he strapped jet engine to his body, he tried gliding with wings and electric fans which was a fail. The maximum speed during the flight was 32 mph.

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“In theory, you could have first responders with this equipment easily go a couple of miles quite low to the ground and get over any obstacle you want,” he told the website.

However, Browning admits the jet suit isn’t for everyone ― yet.

“I don’t think anybody’s going to go down to Walmart or take the kids to school in any of this stuff for a while,” he said,We’re working on some things that will seek to bring this unusual experience of flight to a wider audience, beyond the events and displays we’re doing.”

The “Iron Man” jet suit has attracted a lot of attention from the military agencies and Hollywood producers.

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Browning made the record attempt as part of Guinness World Record Day, an event held each November to honor the record breaking agency of the record.


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