Bride’s Wedding Day Turned Into A Worst Nightmare Because Of Poisionous Flower’s

Written by Prince Chandran
December 15, 2017  

Christine Jo Miller’s wedding turned out to be a worst nightmare of her life after allergic reactions because of  flowers.



The 23 year old had a reaction to flowers which she picked earlier for floral decorations.

Her eyes were swelled shut and she had the fear of going blind. She had a huge bumpy rash on her face.

“I was in so much pain,” Miller told Inside Edition. “Nobody knew what to do.”

She was getting  married to her college sweetheart  Jonathan, in September.


snow on mountain



The culprit was snow on mountain flower which can cause allergic reaction’s almost similar to poison evy.

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The night before the wedding, she and her bridal party stayed up to finish the floral arrangements after picking the flowers on her 29 acreproperty outside Lincoln.

“I washed my face the next morning and that’s when it started,” she recalled.

Immediately her mom rushed to the nearest clinic with her, unfortunately it was closed. Christine didn’t wanted to miss her own wedding so she put on the gown and attended the ceremony.

She walked down the aisle to her soon-to-be husband, Jon, in absolute agony. “She was struggling to keep her eyes open, they were constantly watering and she just looked miserable,” he recalled.

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But as soon as they exchanged the vows, the couple rushed to the nearest hospital for medication skipping the reception.

“I thought I was dying at that point,” she recalled.  Doctors gave her medication, which helped, and the couple was determined to go back to their wedding.

“I had a rash still on my neck so I wanted to get my dress off because I wanted to be comfortable and so he ran into target and got me a shirt that said ‘Bride’ on it and pajama pants and that’s what I wore into our reception,” she said.

They did not miss the wedding photos, a week later they got a second chance from the generous photographer.

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This time the bouquet was ‘hypoallergenic’.



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