Blue Whale – The Suicide Game

Written by Prince Chandran
May 10, 2017  

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Blue Whale Game , Where You will be given 50 tasks to complete and the final task is Death, Yes you read it right the final task is death, this game has been trending for a while in russia, UK, Ukraine and many other countries between the teenagers . This game is actually brain washing the teenagers to commit suicide. This “game” is reaching the young teenagers trough social media when they promote some hashtags and if they are involved in certain groups. Once After you sign up for the game You are Assigned with daily tasks for 50 days and once after you finish the task you just need to send the image for proof to admin so the tasks include waking up at a certain time,  watching a horror movie they are simple at the start but eventually they ask you to harm yourselves and ultimately the end task on the 50th day  is committing suicide. Once after you sign up there is no turning back, suppose you leave the game in between the admin taunts you saying that we have your complete information and the people will come finding You, Sounds like a japan anime isn’t it? More tham 130 suicides have been confirmed by the officials from May 2016 to april 2017 . But no valid evidence.

How Did this game become Popular?

It was first reported by the Russian Newspaper  RBTH ( Russian beyond The News Headline) , by arresting one of the admins in the VK social Media Site for encouraging teens to commit Suicide. And a Video blogger Uploaded a video on youtube wIth the title being ”  The Guy Plays Blue whale jump from roof” which has earned over 16k views . this did not stop here later two teenagers Yulia Konstantinova and Veronika Volkova  have committed suicide by jumping off the roof , before jumping off they have communicated  with some groups in social media and Updating their status as END.

Img Source: Google

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A correspondent from  Radio free Europe wanted to know how this Works so they created a profile on VK Social media site pretending to be a 15 year old girl, and they were lucky to find the game and have a conversation with one of the admistrators of the game ,

Girl: I want to play the Game.

Admin : Are you sure , Coz there is no way back.

G: Yes, What does that mean no way back.

A: you cant leave the game once after you begin.

G: I’m ready

A: Carry Out each task deligently and no one should know about it , when you finish  task you send me a photo. At the end of the game you Die, Are you ready?

G: And if I wanna Get Out?

A: I have all your information they will come after you.

The first Task assigned to the girl was to Scratch “F58” on the arm , they tried to fool the admin with Photo shop but it was not upto the mark and the admin never replied back.

With this the Game has slowly spread to many other countries like UK  and a suicide from ukraine by jumping off the building and it has reached India too. The Parents have to look after their children like what are they watching online , what stuff are they doing on the internet . the police from certain countries started taking neccessary actions to bring the game under control. So teens please don;t go with what is trending online or just others are doing it , if something from internet make you feel uncomfortable DON’T DO IT. 


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