Blast at Manchester Arena at Ariana Grande Concert, 22 Confirmed Dead

Written by Prince Chandran
May 23, 2017  

A explosion at Manchester arena , after the end of the concert of Ariana Grande . the police have confirmed that 22 people have died including children and 59 were injured . The blast took place nearly after concert have ended almost at 10:30 pm.The bomber also died at the same scene after detonating the explosives . the police have not identified the people died and injured have been rushed to the hospitals .

The people were glad to receive help from every possible way the hotels and restaurants have offered rooms and food for the needed and many of them where using social media sites to find their family and friends with #Manchester and #prayformanchester were trending on Twitter. It is good to see the people helping each other at such testing times.

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The police have confirmed him to be a suicide bomber who detonated improvised explosive device,but the police are not sure if he was alone or he was a part of a wider group . This is the worst terror attack which Great Britan had since 2005 July . More than 400 Officers were present at the scene after the blast and 240 Emergency number were available.

The members of the Islamic State Organisations were celebrating the attack online. But nobody has taken the responsibility of the attack . The prime Minister Theresay May had called for a emergency Cobra regarding the attack. May also added this blast is being treated as a terror attack.

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The American singer Ariana Grande was very sad of the attack he was so moved that he went on to twitter to express it, He was very sorry to the people and told he was very broken from the heart . But his fans were there help to calm him down and many celebrities also came into help Ariana Grande from shock of the blast.


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