Billionaire shells out $2.45 million for an Australian number plate

Written by Neha Monga
August 30, 2017  

A Chinese-Australian sex toy entrepreneur paid a record breaking Aus$ 2.4 million for a black-and-white number plate with the single digit “4” at a Sydney auction.

Tseng was seen arriving at the Shannons auction house on Monday evening in his red Ferrari, which bears the number “2” license plate he previously bought for $750,000.

He also owns number “1” plates registered in Hong Kong, and NSW plates that spell out “ONE” registered to his Mercedes, according to reports.

“Just nine of these New South Wales number plates were ever issued, making them ultra-collectible and irreplaceable,” said Shannons auction manager Christophe Boribon.

“Their unique status and desirability is never going to change.”

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“The opportunity to acquire such a plate is exceptionally rare, as most single-digit plates remain in family hands, are usually passed down through generations and rarely, if ever, come onto the open market,” he added.

The latest edition to his collection has been passed down by some of Australia’s most well-known business identities, from Michelin tyres importer Noris Duval, to Aussie Home Loans founder and executive chairman John Symond— who proudly displayed the number “4” on his Rolls Royce— to Brett Whiteley art dealer Steve Nasteski.

The number “4” was purchased for about Aus$1m more than had been estimated. That is more than twice the average cost of a house in Sydney.

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